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Sustainable Wellbeing

through Economic Development


I define Sustainability as the ability to meet our needs today without undermining the ability of future generations to meet theirs. It is wrong for us to better our lives by knowingly consuming resources in a way that robs our children and grandchildren of the ability to try to better their lives. Our society is doing exactly this and it is our responsibility to make our individual lives more sustainable.  

19 August 2022

Economic Development

An economy is a system in which people exchange goods and services, and everything we do out in the world is some form of participation in the economy. Whenever actions to improve wellbeing or sustainability are discussed, the financial cost is always a barrier. We must work towards incentivizing businesses and organizations that hold wellbeing and sustainability as core values. Striving to create new possibilities of what a small-town economy can be will foster new opportunities for individuals who want to build responsible and sustainable. Those are the neighbours I want to have and do business with.